Smile = architecture of the face + psychophysical well-being = oral health

Orthodontics is the medical specialty whose purpose is to correct dental-skeletal malocclusions and balance non harmonic variances in the smile and face. The all-round benefit is functional (breathing, chewing, body posture), aesthetic, and psychological: it allows people to feel better within themselves and with others.

The “targets” of orthodontic treatment are:
– facial bones
– teeth
– periodontal tissues (gums and bone that surrounds tooth roots)
– muscles and joints of the mouth, neck and body posture – masticatory function (chewing)
– respiratory function (breathing)
– self-esteem

It is not true that:

  • “Crooked” teeth always involve dysfunctional problems
  • An orthodontic treatment is necessarily better – but the sooner, the better. Timng is of the essence.

It is true that:

  • “Crooked” teeth can be corrected, at any age
  • A beautiful smile can change your life
  • The most important and most difficult part of an orthodontic treatment is the finishing stage.