Breathing well is a priority for the health of adults and children.

Breathing and sleeping effectively improve quality of life, help children grow better and prevent many cardiovascular and neurological disorders in adulthood.

It has been clinically proven that ‘mouth breather’ children have sometimes greater difficulty in concentrating, lower academic performance, can suffer nocturnal enuresis (wet their beds), metabolic dysfunctions, tend to obesity and to lesser growth. Breathing through the mouth is also related to a more acid oral environment, which promotes erosion of tooth enamel and cavity insurgence.

• Do not underestimate recurrent apnea and snoring.

• Keep your nose clean by washing, also with hypertonic solutions.
• In the presence of snoring, apneas and / or difficulty in ventilating through the nose, inform your pediatrician or your general practitioner and consult with a Specialist in Orthodontics and / or Otorhinolaryngology (ear-nose-throat/ ENT consultant).

Breathing with closed lips means improved health, straighter teeth... and looking more beautiful.