Facial traumas represent an eventuality which our children might experience, they represent an event for which we find ourselves often unprepared. Suffice it to say that about a third of the general population suffered dental trauma during sports or games. A correct approach and first aid intervention by the specialist are crucial to prevent a negative sequence of events that sometimes can last for a lifetime. Regardless of the severity of the accident, having a pediatric dentist visit the patient as soon as possible is essential. The best therapy will thus be identified, in order to minimize future damage to the affected tooth, following protocols dictated by scientific societies and ministerial guidelines. Italian language = & menu = news & p = dalministero & id = 3383

  • Road accidents are one of the major causes of tooth loss. Remember to secure your children with seat belts while traveling on vehicles.
  • Watch out for that wet floor in the bathroom …

  • You may not know that teaching children to keep their nose clean and lips closed is a great way to reduce dental trauma.
  • Consider buying a helmet with a chin guard and/or mouthguard for children with protruding teeth who practice risky sports: skating, skateboarding, horse riding, BMX, etc.

If your child has protruding front teeth (overbite), ensure a prompt visit to the dentist. The dentist will give you many suggestions on how to prevent trauma